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I'm Kelly, 28, and married to the nicest guy on earth Jason, 27. We have one daughter, Ella who is 2. We also have two dogs, KJ and Junior, who Ella will tell you are her bestest friends ever. I love looking at blogs for home decor ideas, DIY projects, and parties.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Week

So our Thanksgiving week went off as a success. We started last weekend by going to Great Wolf Lodge with Joni, Ricky, and Ryder. Ella and Ryder loved the water, they were so cute.

Ella and Ryder playing in the pool

The hotel was decorated like a giant lodge with stuffed animals everywhere

Ella got her wolf ears at dinner.

We played in the arcade after dinner.

After coming home, our tree had lost all of its leaves, so Jason and Ella raked them and played in them.
Wednesday, Jason and I started getting ready for our first Thanksgiving at our house by shopping early and setting the tables up the night before. I was pretty happy with how everything turned out. We had a lot of Jason's family over and a lot of great food. I think everyone had a really good time. Can't wait for next year!
I made the wreath about 3 weeks ago, the wheat stalks were much perkier then.

I found these leaf placemats at Bed Bath and Beyond for a steal, and the plates were super cheap too.

I purchased burlap at the local fabric store, and made it into a table runner and table cloth for the kids table.

I made the kids table with printables from: Shindig Parties.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yay an egg finally!

Went to my ultrasound today. I have one good egg that is growing. Bad news is, that it will be ready on Monday which means I have to give myself the injection on Sunday morning, and Jason has to work on Monday. This shot isn't anything like the ones I gave myself during my pregnancy with Ella. The needle is about an inch longer and much larger and I have to do it in my butt or thigh.
We definitely have to do the IUI since Jason will be preoccupied at work, but hopefully everything works out and he gets desk relief to come to the doctors office for his part ;) So I guess I will know something more in a couple of weeks now. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, November 15, 2010

1st Ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound today. I still had cysts present, and only 2 really small follicles, 9mm (should be 18mm). Normally 8-12 follicles develop each month, one becomes dominant and ovulates, and the others shrink back.
So the doctor said we could come back in on Wednesday to see if the small follicles grew any, but he didn't think they would because they were too immature. So we'll do it all again next month and hope for more follicles.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Quick update on our next doctor's appointments. I just scheduled three ultrasounds for the 15th, 17th, and 19th of November. We will find out whether the Clomid dosage is high enough to induce follicles to develop. If we find one, then I get a shot to start ovulation.
We've talked to other couples who have gone through the same fertility steps, and they have all suggested we do the IUI (intra uterine insemination) first. It seems thats how they all finally got pregnant and in hindsight they wished they had just tried it first instead of getting let down the months prior. We've talked about whether to try the old fashioned way (with the exception of the Clomid, ultrasounds, and LH shot ;) or go straight to the IUI. I don't think we will decide until last minute. I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ella's Christmas List (for Pappaw and Grandma and anyone else)

So November is here, and I've only been thinking about Christmas shopping. The other day I took Ella to Target for some last minute Halloween stuff and we ended up in the toy department for almost an hour. Usually we don't leave the toy department without some tears and screaming (gotta love the terrible two's), but this time we just walked up and down the aisles, only stopping at a few toys that Ella played with then moved on to the next. Today we were at Walmart and had another calm trip through the toy department; I was so proud. So I thought I would post the toys that Ella seemed to check out the most at both stores.

She really like the Mr and Mrs. Potato Head Silly Suitcases.
CRUNCHER- believe it or not, she's really got a thing for dinosaurs.
I think she may be ready for a real bicycle this spring. She's finally got the pedaling and steering down on her trike.

Ella still really loves any of the Fisher Price Little People. She's also really into building things with the larger Legos or smaller Mega Blocks, but she's not quite ready for the tiny Lego pieces yet. She really likes trains too. She wears size 4T in just about everything now.

Her favorite TV shows are:    Dora (of course), Ni-Hao Kai-Lan, Olivia, WowWow Wubzy, and Strawberry Shortcakes New Adventures

Also, for mom and dad, some new movies for the car. Maybe the classic Disney movies like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, or any others. She really like the Disney Princess dolls, so maybe she'll get into the movies in the car.

Of course, I left out what Jason and I are getting her. She's the easy one this year. Maybe everyone else could post their Christmas Lists too ;)