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I'm Kelly, 28, and married to the nicest guy on earth Jason, 27. We have one daughter, Ella who is 2. We also have two dogs, KJ and Junior, who Ella will tell you are her bestest friends ever. I love looking at blogs for home decor ideas, DIY projects, and parties.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yay an egg finally!

Went to my ultrasound today. I have one good egg that is growing. Bad news is, that it will be ready on Monday which means I have to give myself the injection on Sunday morning, and Jason has to work on Monday. This shot isn't anything like the ones I gave myself during my pregnancy with Ella. The needle is about an inch longer and much larger and I have to do it in my butt or thigh.
We definitely have to do the IUI since Jason will be preoccupied at work, but hopefully everything works out and he gets desk relief to come to the doctors office for his part ;) So I guess I will know something more in a couple of weeks now. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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